2015 : The Ongoing Financial Storm

Long before Hurricane Sandy devastated Long Island, the financial super-storms of Countrywide, Bank of America, Chase and others raged their own fury on the homes of our friends and neighbors.  And while the images are not as graphic, the permanent effects and emotional impacts of a family in financial ruins due to the mortgage crisis are very much the same. Predatory lending or other flawed practices have left far too many people facing the reality of losing their homes.  After five years of so called “modification assistance”, economic sentiment are now barely improving.  In 2015 the delays of yesterday are turning into a rush to foreclosure.  My practice is dedicated to  fighting for those still being battered by these horrific Financial Storms!  


Welcome to Nassau Hope
Welcome to Nassau Hope

Foreclosure – Why it’s not the end of the road

If you are frustrated after failed attempts to negotiate with your lender, you may feel like giving up, but fear the onset of foreclosure. Our team can avert foreclosures, settle with banks, and extend the process for over two years in some cases.

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Loan Modifications and the Law in New York

Like most homeowners we meet, you may not realize that New York has pioneered the most powerful and effective programs in the country to ensure that lenders handle loan modifications fairly. Our team uses every available legal strategy to ensure the best possible results.

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Personal Debt and the Ongoing Financial Crisis

As the financial crisis persists, many debtors have only barley survived, and sometimes only by exhausting their life's savings. But with falling incomes and higher costs, many are now seeking legal protection from their debts. Debt settlement, auto loan workouts, 2nd mortgage removal and bankruptcy protection are the most common solutions.

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  • J. Ceasar Galarza, Esq. Attorney

    Graduated Hofstra Law School 1994.
    Admitted to practice Law in the State of NY in March 1995.
    Member of Nassau Lawyers since 2007
    18 years practicing law:
    Areas of practice include: Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Strategic Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense and Personal Injury.

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